On your Road Test you will be required to Parallel Park behind a car. The video examples below both show a similar method. It is similar to the method you will learn but because you are only generally required to park behind a car we will try and make it a little easier and ensure you have a little more space to straighten up your car or get yourself a little closer to the kerb if neccessary, 12" from the kerb is the maximum distance 6-8" is ideal. Please remember these videos are only examples and were not made by us


At the end of your Road Test you will be required to reverse into a parking space. There are several methods in which to achieve your goal, on your lessons we will go through one method which will ensure you can reverse into the last parking space in the mall on Boxing Day for the sales. This video shows an example of a driver unable to get into the space, you can be driver towards the end of the video who gets and parks the car. Remember this video is only an example and was not made by us.



If you are ready for your Road Test but feel you need a little help with your parking call us and book an individual parking lesson or a 2hr parking lesson and get tips on Parallel Parking & Reversing into a Parking Space, we can also take you on a Mock Road Test around the road test area



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       Pulling Over to the kerb, Parallel Parking, Reversing into parking stall

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