7+ Course  $345 Lesson Details

8 Hours + Time Of Road Test  = Approx $40.00 per Hr Total Savings $55.  

5 x Individual 1 hr Lessons

1 x 2hr(120min) Lesson around Road Test area

1 x 1 hr warm up before Road Test

+ Road Test & our car included

Lesson#                                                              Lesson Plan


     1:       This package is aimed for students ready to take their Road Test. We will first of all evaluate driving, go through some or all of what is required on Test.

     2:      Having evaluated driving on Lesson 1 we will focus on areas of driving that were unknown, being missed or need correcting.    

     3:       A lesson focused more on types of parking required for Road Test, either learning to park or practice what student has previously learned themselves.

     4:     Recap of previous lessons, general driving, experiencing more scenarios at traffic lights particularly turning left or turning right on Red unless prohibited.

     5:     Recap of previous lessons and a little extra practice of any manoeuvres that require it.     


     6:         Recap of what we remembered & learnt from previous lesson as we head towards Road Test area for 2 hour lesson. What will potentially be first left or right turn on Test, first intersection on test and from there an approximate Route taking in Traffic Lights, Stop Signs, Cul De Sac, Round-a-Bout, Parking, taking you through several School Zones & Playground Zones, how you will generally receive each instruction from examiner during your test.


      7:       Warm Up & Road Test.

            Students are picked up 1 hr 15 mins before test time, This allows for FULL 1hr WARM UP & then arrive 15 mins before test to sign in. Students are driven home after test or back to school or work.

            All students learn at different pace, each student may get more practice in between lessons. Any errors or difficulties are corrected during lessons, if we need to spend extra time for example making Safe Left Turns at Traffic Lights we will spend that extra time. Throughout each lesson we will go through School Zones & Playground Zones & continue to ensure speed is being maintained & signs are being observed, this is the same for Crosswalks , unmarked Crosswalks & Construction Zones. It's important to understand during the road test examiner is not looking for perfection, Safe Defensive Driving, following rules, obeying signs & road markings, if in doubt WAIT.