15+ Course  $675  Lesson Details

17 Hours + Time Of Road Test  = Approx $37.50 per Hr Total Savings $140  

12 x Individual 1 hr Lessons

1 x 2hr(120min) Lesson HighWay Driving

1 x 2hr(120min) Lesson around Road Test area

1 x 1 hr warm up before Road Test

+ Road Test & our car included

Lesson#                                                              Lesson Plan


    1:        Setting Seat Position & Nice upright posture, starting engine.

First things that are asked at start of Road Test; Hand Signals, Controls: Left/Right Signals, Headlights Daytime/Nightime, High Beam, Low Beam, Flashing High Beam, Wipers. We will also go over DeFogging Front & Rear Windows.  Safety Belt, Setting Side Mirrors & Rear View Mirrors. Gear Shift & Emergency Brake.   Use Of Pedals - Heel on floor, pivot between Brake & Gas, Exercise: Using toes to press gas pedal gently until able to hold revs at approx 1500 rpm. 

               Learning to pull away from kerb into traffic - Using mirror/signal/left shoulder check & if safe to manoeuvre. Beginning to drive straight, looking up a few blocks ahead, looking into the centre of lane, keeping eyes moving, beginning to check rear view mirror, learning to be aware of surroundings, vehicles and intersections ahead. Slowing down, smooth stopping. Learning scanning intersections left/centre/right/centre. Also learning Beware 2 SECOND STARE, See Think Do, Understanding Blind Spot & reason for shoulder checks.

                Learning to make a right turn/left turn. Either Hand over Hand or Push/Pull also known as shuffle. Steering can be taught and practised in parking lot if necessary.

     2:        Recap of what we remembered & learnt from previous lesson.

          Learning Standing Turns At Stop Signs & 4-Way Stops. Turning left/right/straight from a Stop Sign. Stopping smoothly at Stop Line firstly to look left and right for pedestrians. Learning to slowly move forward to begin checking for traffic keeping wheels and car straight UNLESS turning right. Checking for our gaps and waiting if necessary for our safe gaps before proceeding. Learning to turn right at Stop Signs by slowly moving forwards and turning wheels so our car is pointing to the right, it is here we are also learning to avoid making a wide right turn. Rules for 4-Way Stops, right of way in the event 2 vehicles stop at the same time. 

     3:        Recap of what we remembered & learnt from previous lesson.

          Learning Rolling Left/right turns. Turning onto side street from a main street by slowing down to an approximate turning speed of 20kph and an approximate turning radius of wheel of 3/4 for average right turns, a little over 1/2 for average left turn. Important Note Average & Approximate. Learning to control speed approaching these turns using brake and learning to gently release brake to regain momentum into the turns and accelerating out of turn, learning to control wheel sliding back through fingers (controlled slippage), using rear view mirror before turning & as we accelerate out of our turns. Approaching turns learning when to shoulder check, why we should check.

      4:          Recap of what we remembered & learnt from previous lesson.

           Learning Cul De Sacs, looking into Cul De to determine where cars and other obstructions are (children playing, garbage cans, basketball hoops etc) and learning to right shoulder check entering Cul De Sac for pedestrians, cyclists, cars coming out of driveway, left shoulder check in middle for other vehicles entering and a right shoulder check exiting . Learning U-turn, 3 point turn, pulling over to park alongside curb, Uphill Downhill, 6 DIFFERENT SCENARIO'S Uphill with proper curb, rounded curb & no curb, Downhill with proper curb, rounded curb & no curb, learning in which direction to turn your wheels to prevent car from rolling into road should emergency brake fail or vehicle rear ends your parked vehicle.

           Learning to Reverse back in a straight line for approximately 3-4 car lengths.

       5:         Recap of what we remembered & learnt from previous lesson.

           Learning Round-A-Bouts, vehicle/wheel positioning at on approach, yielding to vehicles in Round-A-Bout & vehicles entering from the left, checking crosswalk on approach & when exiting, signalling when exiting Round-A-Bout & how to signal intent to take third exit or all the way around the Round-A-Bout. Learning safe lane changing, Learning to merge into traffic whenever possible     


       6:         Recap of what we remembered & learnt from previous lesson.

            Learning Traffic Lights, Approaching stale green lights covering brake, learning Point Of No Return point where it is no longer possible to stop safely if lights change to Amber (Approx 2 car lengths at 45-50) .

Learning to safely turn right on Red Light Unless Right Turn On Red Is Prohibited. Learning to turn Left At Traffic Light, learning where to stop in intersection, learning to keep eyes moving for oncoming traffic & lights, learning to clear intersection safely when lights change, allowing vehicles that are not stopping to continue through intersection & legally/safely complete our left turn even if light has turned Red. Many things can occur turning left at lights & we will try to encounter as many scenarios as we can.

       7:         Recap of what we remembered & learnt from previous lesson.

             Learning to park Parallel parking behind a vehicle. Learning with palm of hand to begin but not a requirement on test although it is allowed. Practicing behind a standard sized car & Pick Up Truck or Van. Understanding positioning of vehicle to start, first attempt allowing student to use their judgement.  Learning to correct position safely. When learning to parallel park it is important to remember that on Road Test positioning of vehicle can corrected, they are not seeking perfection but the ability to manoeuvre vehicle safely paying more attention to possibility of pedestrians stepping out behind you.

       8:        Recap of what we remembered & learnt from previous lesson.

             Learning to Reverse into a parking space. Learning with palm of hand to begin but not a requirement on test although it is allowed. Practising reversing into space between lines with no other vehicles around, practising reversing between vehicles. Learning to correct position of vehicle safely by pulling forward & in a very tight space As with parallel parking it is important to remember that on Road Test positioning of vehicle can corrected, they are not seeking perfection but the ability to manoeuvre vehicle safely paying more attention to possibility of pedestrians stepping out behind you & if parking between cars not getting too close, making the decision to stop & pull forward to correct position.

       9:        Recap of what we remembered & learnt from previous lesson. 

              Depending on address & location a HighWay 10 drive, learning lane changing, merging (when possible) , understanding Prepare To Stop signs on approach to Traffic Lights, speed maintenance at HighWay speed, following distance on Highway.

     10:       General Driving, Recapping all that has been learnt, correcting any issues.

     11:       This Package has the extra lessons which allows us to focus on student requests, anything they feel they want to practice more of, For example Turning left at traffic lights, turning right at traffic lights, parking.

     12:       This Package offers the extra 2 hr lesson. A longer HighWay drive, a further distance including bridges, If a student wishes to use this lesson for extra parking practice or an extra lesson around Road Test area that is perfectly ok.

     13:       Another extra lesson for general drive, recapping all that has been learnt and extra practice for anything the student requests.

     14:       2 Hour lesson Around Road Area, What will potentially be first left or right turn on Test, first intersection on test and from there an approximate Route taking in Traffic Lights, Stop Signs, Cul De Sac, Round-a-Bout, Parking, taking you through several School Zones & Playground Zones, how you will generally receive each instruction from examiner during your test.

     15:       Warm Up & Road Test.

            Students are picked up 1 hr 15 mins before test time, This allows for FULL 1hr WARM UP & then arrive 15 mins before test to sign in. Students are driven home after test or back to school or work.

            All students learn at different pace, each student may get more practice in between lessons. Any errors or difficulties are corrected during lessons, if we need to spend extra time for example making Safe Left Turns at Traffic Lights we will spend that extra time. Throughout each lesson we will go through School Zones & Playground Zones & continue to ensure speed is being maintained & signs are being observed, this is the same for Crosswalks , unmarked Crosswalks & Construction Zones. It's important to understand during the road test examiner is not looking for perfection, Safe Defensive Driving, following rules, obeying signs & road markings, if in doubt WAIT.